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A Brief Overview of the Lands of Gaea

The known world of Gaea consists of five continents, most of which lie in the northern hemisphere of the world, though a few extend south of the equator and to the southern tropic. There may be lands further south, but they are not considered part of the known world.

The oldest civilizations lie on the continent known as the Westlands. The oldest extant civilization there is the remnant of the Ceonric Empire. Civilization expanded from there into the Northlands where explorers found the remnants of the ancient Dragon Empires still thriving in its eastern reaches. Many colonies of the Westlands were settled and developed into independent kingdoms.

As explorers reached the eastern edge of the continent bound by the massive mountain chain known as the Crown Mountains, they came into contact with merchants and explorers from the lands beyond the mountains, now known as the Eastlands. Contact with the Eastlands is still limited and much of these lands still lies shrouded in mystery. During this time the Westland kingdoms settled the island chain known as the Azra Archipelago, and these are sometimes considered part of the Westlands and sometimes as lying outside its borders.

As the Northland kingdoms grew in power and prestige, they too began to explore and soon began to colonize the shores to the south of the Sea of Winds. These lands became known as the Southlands, but were home to many ancient civilizations in their decline. Northern influence only extended as far south as the Tower Massifs mountain range. Further south are many mysterious Stygian kingdoms that fill the nightmares of the Northlanders.

The last of the lands to be discovered is a vast, mostly unexplored continent lying to the southwest of the Westlands. Most know it only as the Hinterlands. What lies within the heart of these terra incognito remains to be seen?

Main Page

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