Faenthar Crystalleaf

Arrogant Elitist Eladrin Mage


Race: Eladrin
Class: Mage
Paragon Path: Enigmatic Mage
Hit Points: 64 Resist Fire 5, Cold 5
Defenses: AC 23 Fort 19 Ref 23 Will 23, +5 on saves vs. charm
Familiar: Zaz the Book Imp
Initiative: +10, low-light vision

Ability Scores: Str 12 (6), Con 14 (7), Dex 20 (10), Int 23 (11), Wis 16 (8), Cha 16 (8)
Class Features: Cantrips, Evocation Apprentice, Illusion Apprentice, Evocation Expert, Illusion Expert, Evocation Master, Enigmatic Action
At Will Powers:Ray of Frost, Illusory Ambush, Magic Missile,Light, Mage Hand, Suggestion
Encounter Powers:Fey Step, Chill Strike or Illusory Obstacle, Ice Rays or Maze of Mirrors, Spectral Ram or Phantom Foes, Kelgore’s Undeniable Fire
Daily Powers: Spell Mirror or Fountain of Flame, Bigby’s Icy Grasp or Summon Abyssal Maw,Phantasmal Killer or Symphony of the Dark Court
Utility Powers:Guardian Blades or Instant Friends, Fire Shield or Dispel Magic, Spellseer Familiar, Arcane Mutterings, Mass Resistance or True Seeing, Enigmatic Spellcasting

Feats: Ritual Caster, Jack of All Trades, Student of the Plague, Bonded Familiar, Packrat Familiar (homebrew), Spellseer Familiar, Skill Power (Arcane Mutterings), Wand Expertise

Magic Items: Robe of Eyes +2, Bracers of the Perfect Shot, Gem of Colloquy, Cloak of Survival +2, wand +2, handy haversack
Other Rewards: Ioun’s Revelation (Divine Boon)

Background: Acolyte of the Crystal Eye (+2 Arcana, History)
Reputations: Troubleshooter +7, Seeker of the Unknown +4, Loremaster +1, Arrogant +1, Connected +2, Unsettling +1

Ritual Book: Affect Normal Fires, Amanuensis, Analyze Portal, Ancestral Whispers, Arcane Lock, Arcane Mark, Comprehend Languages, Consult Mystic Sages, Corpse Light, Dark Light, Disenchant an Item, Enchant an Item, Endure Elements, Eye of Alarm, Inquisitive Eyes, Knock, Last Sight Vision, Linked Portal (sites Tal Verak, Vadera, Tantalus), Magic Circle, Magic Map, Object Reading, Secret Page, Secure Shelter, Seek Rumor, Sending Shadow Bridge, Shadow Passage, Silence, Speak with Dead, Status, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Unseen Servant, Wizard’s Sight

Languages Known: Common, Eladrin, Supernal, Draconic

Skills: Acrobatics 14, Arcana (trained) +24, Athletics +10, Bluff +15, Diplomacy (trained)16, Dungeoneering +12, Endurance +15, Heal +12, History (trained) +24, Insight (trained) +15, Intimidate +12, Nature +14, Perception +12, Religion (trained) +18, Stealth +16, Streetwise +12, Thievery +14


Known to many as Ice, a pseudonym he took when he agreed to watch over Arthedain Hollin to repay a debt his mother owed to the Hollin line.

Mother: Erasthena Crystalleaf, ambassador of the Winter Court to Tal Verak, a summer city
Father: Elishar the Bright, Paladin and champion of the summer court

Other Kith or Kin:

Squire-his father’s gnoll companion and squire
Illyana-9 year old arcane prodigy his cousin on his father;s side, she calls him uncle because of the age difference

Quirks, Traits, Philosophy, etc.

-Faenthar is an eldarin supremist, feeling all other races are inferior to the first born, the shining ones, even elves have fallen from their place as part of the eladrin.

-Faenthar resents his father and dislikes him, but hates his mother with a burning passion. At first he favored his mother, but when he learned she had sullied herself by bearing a child with a human (and a Hollin at that) betraying all that she had taught him, his feelings for her crystalized into a deep abiding hatred.

-The only person he hates more than his mother is Garralon, the half-blood bastard that resulted from her union with the Hollins. The fact that Garralon has usurped the throne in Tantalus galls him to no end and he will not rest until Garralon is dead and his mother humiliated for her efforts in this scheme.

-Faenthar’s attitudes to his party members varies-He dislikes Arthedain but has developed a grudging respect for him

-he sees Gelmyr as a bit of a fop, reminding him way too much of his father which has led to a bit of a rivalry between the two Eladrin, though Ice would never admit to such because that would put Gelmyr on a level on par with him as rivals must be

-Faenthar has actually grown fond of Dawn ,though at first he saw her only as a curiosity since she was a conduit, but the time he spent with her in Tantalus working to save Avalaesca from her affliction has softened his views on her.

-Feanthar is still not sure what to make of Fox, She represents all that is uncivilized but he cannot deny her ability or her fierceness. He grudgingly respects her, but otherwise has no strong feelings for her.

-Faenthar is ambitious and prideful. At first he set out on this journey to remove the debt his family had incurred to humans, something that simply could not stand, and then became intrigued by the possibilities of this adventure when he learned of Dawn’s nature as a conduit and when he came into the possession of Grimmum’s Infenarum, an artifact tome of great power that has since passed on. Once he learned Garralon was involved in the troubles in Tantalus he became committed to aiding Arthedain reclaim his throne. The fact that Arthedain has begin to turn to him as an adviser and “court mage” of sorts suits Faenthar’s ambitions, for now. However, he does not so much support Arthedain as oppose Garralon, seeing Arthedain’s cause as the best means to the ends he seeks.

Appearance: Ice is tall and thin for an eladrin, with stark white hair and an elongated “horse-like” face. His eyes glow blue due to the spell-plague he contracted as a youth in one of his mother’s arcane experiments, making the overall impression of his as being creepy. The robe of eyes he wears only reinforces this perception.

People also perceive him as being arrogant, aloof, and condescending, essentially seeing him as a pompous ass, Faenthar however could care less what the baser creatures think of him.

Faenthar Crystalleaf

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