Quick with her bow and dagger


Fox joined the mercenary company lead by Arthedain, and serves as the party’s scout and guide. She is the partner of Dawn. Little is known of Fox’s homeland, except that she was raised among a barbaric people somewhere to the east of the Crown Mountains. Her village was destroyed during raids when Fox was 11 and out hunting. She tried following the raiders’ trail to look for survivors, instead found Dawn. All she ever managed to learn was that the name of the warlord who destroyed her village was Drumar Flamehair. Fox and Dawn continued traveling further west; crossing the Crown Mountains, fending for themselves as best they could, until they signed on with the merc company led by Arthedain as a scout and cook.

Fox is reticent, gruff, and very protective of Dawn. She is lithe and athletic, without being muscular. Some say she seems more masculine than feminine, but they do not say so within her hearing, not if they want to keep their teeth intact. Her only memento of her homeland is her father’s bow, which she recovered after the attacks. One day she hopes to return to her homeland, but not yet. The fire of vengeance against the Flamehair has cooled to an ember, but it does still burn somewhere inside her.


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