our cook, our shaman, and a conduit too


Dawn is a human shaman and spirit talker, and is Fox’s hearth-keeper or tent-mate. She has been marked by the spirits and has drawn particular interest because she is a “conduit” of divine power. It seems that werewolves in particular have sought her out. Little is known of her past except that she is an orphan found by Fox when she was seven, after her village, known only as the Place of Tall Trees was destroyed in a raid. Recently she experienced a vivid dream experience where she saw her parents killed by the raiders, learning her mother was a shifter, and that her wolf spirit companion is the spirit of her mother, still protecting her from the spirit world.

Dawn is petite, garrulous, and devoted to Fox. She feels sorry for those who cannot see the richness of our world as it overlaps the spirit realm, and the constant comfort the spirits of the ancestors it provides. She enjoys providing for others, and served as the company’s cook, despite the many protests about her porridge. She is uncertain of the full ramifications of her being a conduit, but is a bit tired of being hunted by werewolves and their ilk. She did however enjoy speaking with the dragons in Vadera, and finds them to be fascinating creatures and great conversationalists.


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