Jam Campaign

The Puzzle Box

"Oh Mommie Dearest!?!"

After the funeral of Lyr, Arthedain and his advisers gather to discuss their strategy in the coming conflict with Garralon for the control of Tantalus. Illyana barges into the room having solved the mystery of how to open the puzzlebox recovered from the enemy. She has opened the wards and found a key and a note to Erasthena Crystalleaf from Asteroth Hollin written decades ago and never delivered.

The note hints that some clue to the mystery of the lost city of Tal Neccar is hidden in a place favored by Erasthena those many years ago. Using a series of rituals, Faenthar and Illyana determine this is the Sun Room in the palace of Tantalus, a places that only a handful of people have had access to since the time when Erathena seduced Asteroth and Garralon was conceived. Arthedain, Faenthar and company plan a raid on the palace to get into the Sun Room, but before they can leave on the raid, the sentries sound the alert. The camp is under attack. General Khosrav, Garralon’s Carasthonian ally has led a flight of dragons and troop of dragonborn to attack the camp. The Ivory heroes fend off the attack, but soon realize it was a diversion for an assassin to strike at the manor house and abduct Dawn, the conduit for Garralon’s foul purpose. Squire, the gnoll bannerman of house Crystalleaf has been assigned by Faenthar to guard awn, and fends off the assassin long enough for the rest of the Ivory Heroes to arrive and dispatch of him, saving Dawn and Avalesca (Arthedain’s mother) from the assassin’s clutches.

Session Notes: DM: Amy, Players: Aaron (Gelmyr), Dan (Sim), Josh (Arthedain), Mike (Fanethar), Trenton (Fox); NPC/Companion Character: Squire



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