Jam Campaign

Into the Shadowfell

Twisting Darkness

Part IV: Into the Shadowfell (DM: Aaron; Players: Amy (Fox & Dawn), Josh (Arthedain), & Mike (Ice); NPC: Gelmyr)

The party is still stuck in an insubstantial state and tries to use the portal in reverse to escape this condition. Uruk and Ilea pass through first, then Telchar, and then the rest of the party follows shortly after, and find themselves in a strange gloomy place, with Uruk, Ilea, and Telchar nowhere in sight. Ice confirms their worst fear; they are trapped in the Shadowfell.

They are unsure where to go. Ice knows that the Shadowfell often mirrors the material world, so if they travel to somewhere they know a portal exists, they should be able to find their way back. They seem to be in the Shadowfell equivalent of the Dromik Hills. He suggests they travel to his home city, Tal Verak, located in the Crown Mountains, but it is a long journey and none of the others are up for such a long trek through the Shadowfell.

They manage to find a small town, after a few near deadly encounters with denizens of the Shadowfell. In this village, they stumble across a string of mysterious disappearances and the trail of the mystery leads them to an ancient lost ruin called the Blood Tower. This is a possible way to return to their home plane. They find their way to these ancient ruins, and begin to explore them, but find that they are not the first to arrive. They defeat the plans of a vile sorceress seeking to gain the Tower’s secrets for herself, and open a portal they believe will take them home. They enter the portal…



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