Welcome to Gaea (referred to in some ancient sources as Midgard). Be ready for anything. Gaea is a fantasy world and the setting for many of our D&D campaigns. There is a variety of regions and cultures on Gaea, each with its own distinct nature and features. Most of the standard fantasy tropes can be found somewhere in Gaea, but much there is new. Something new, something borrowed and something blue as the saying goes, seek what you will, likely you will find it in Gaea, literally.

Gaea began as a small regional map to dip our toes into the 4E pool, but grew quickly, both through play and through fiat. Our initial campaign conceit was that it would be a “jam campaign” i.e. the work or many hands being created and expanded as each of took turns DMing adding to it and through player input as well. The 4E DMG2 calls this a cooperative campaign, but it is something that we have always done to some extent, though perhaps not on this scale.

So as Amy and I were talking about cooperative campaigns, world building, and the types of games that we might like to play in moving forward, one of the ideas in the DMG2 caught our eye and tickled our fancy. It was in essence an “All-Star” campaign where each of the players recreated their favorite character that they had ever played as a 4E character and have them thrown together at 1st level with the mystery of how they got there and why they were there unfolding as the game went along.

The idea of an All-Star game took root and took the idea of the jam campaign to a new level. The campaign world would be home to elements from many of our favorite campaigns. Places, adventures hooks, NPCs, old PCs, etc. all might find a place there. We talked to the members of our group and all but one really liked the idea, so we decided to run with it.

We began to populate the world beyond where our adventures took place with elements from old games, placing some in distant ages of the past, some in future ages to come and others contemporary with our game but located on other continents. Retroactive continuity and kit-bashing were liberally applied to make it all fit together in a semi-coherent state. Thus Gaea was born. We also began to add new elements, and flavor it with elements of folklore, mythology, and fiction we liked, plus incorporating the elements of the 4E cosmology and history/mythology that we liked. However, we did not want to fill every nook and cranny, so designed areas that were still to be developed by future DMs in future adventures or campaigns.

Our hope is that Gaea can serve our adventuring needs for years to come. It is a collaborative effort, and we hope all who play in it feel comfortable enough to add contributions if they feel so inclined. The only request is that you respect what has come before and work to make your contributions fit so nobody ends up “pissing in another’s Cheerios” so to speak.

The campaign has unfolded in three major regions:

1) In and around the city of Tantalus in the Southlands or in regions traveled to by Arthedain Hollin of the ruling family of that city-state

2) in and around the city-state of Altham in the Azra Archipelago

3) in and around the kingdom of Caspagarde in the Westlands

Jam Campaign

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